28. Grace


I don’t know about you, but there’s just something about the word that brings me comfort.

Maybe it’s the way it sounds, the implied beauty and elegance. The promise of God’s love despite the shortcomings and mistakes you may make.

There really is just something about that word that brings me peace in challenging times. Allows me to see the light during the darkest hour. Reminds me that I am worthy.

But if you think about it, grace doesn’t just extend to God’s love. It can’t.

What about our own grace? The compassion we need to bestow upon ourselves? The self-love that is essential to genuine happiness.

I have to be honest and say that this something I struggle with wholeheartedly.  I have compassion flowing through my veins, outwardly pouring towards others. When it comes to myself, I’m armed with guilt, shame, and critical words. The magnifying glass is always focused on my glaring mistakes.

But you know what? This human thing–it’s hard. I mean, it’s probably the most difficult task we’ve been assigned with. You and I both know we are going to stumble, we’ll fall down, make mistakes, hurt other people’s feelings, do the wrong thing, say less-than-kind words, and come up short. That’s just human nature.

As humans, we are imperfectly flawed. Because of this, we owe ourselves compassion. We need to treat ourselves the way we’d treat someone else in our position. Just as He loves us despite ourselves, we need to love ourselves because of who we are.

Our flaws, mistakes made, slip-ups, rough patches, and challenges need to be embraced. These shape us into who we are today.

We’ve got to be more kind. Not just to others, but especially to ourselves. Let’s remember that although times may be tough, our track record as of right now for making it through obstacles is 100%.

Grace. Let’s remember to love ourselves–I mean ALL of ourselves. Own your story, embrace it, and use it to shape the beautiful person you are becoming.

Each of us deserve and need unrelenting love and grace. Let your kindness, forgiveness, and compassion extend to you in the days to come.

It’s going to be difficult but it’s going to be worth it. Who’s with me?