10. favorite days

This morning I caught myself smiling as I was driving.  I slept in. I had on my favorite shoes (Converse), was wearing my favorite workout crops (Under Armour), my favorite song was on the radio (Brave by Sara Bareilles), and I was going to have coffee at my favorite coffee shop ( The Village Grind) with an inspiring friend. Life was good. No, life was GREAT.

Have you ever had that feeling? When it seems as if a day, an hour, or even just a moment is absolutely perfect? You are doing, eating, seeing, wearing, listening to your favorite things. You feel on top of the world, like smiling to yourself, and giving the next person in your path a giant hug.

That was me this morning. I was quite literally full of happiness. My guess is I was wearing a huge smile, talking a mile a minute, and laughing loudly.

This got me to thinking. What if EVERY day could be like this? How invigorating would that be? To wake up each & every day and know that your favorite things were going to be waiting for you.

Then I realized…it can be just like that.  The choice is mine. I can CHOOSE to wear my favorite things (pending cleanliness of course), drink my favorite coffee, see my favorite people, and live my favorite life.

How empowering. How ridiculously simple. The choice is mine. I can experience every situation/obstacle/challenge life throws at me, learn from it, and resume doing what I love.

Here’s to living, breathing, eating, sleeping my favorite life. Wearing these shoes of course.